New chairman elected to the Queensland independent energy and water ombudsman advisory council

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Solicitor Julie-Anne Schafer is set to take up the position of chairman of the advisory council to the independent energy and water ombudsman Queensland.

The Queensland government announced yesterday that Ms Schafer, who is also a commissioner on the National Transport Commission, will replace outgoing chair Karen Chalmers-Scott.

The energy and water ombudsman Queensland - a position currently held by Forbes Smith - serves as a dispute resolution service for any Queensland resident who feels they have been wronged by their water, gas or electricity supplier.

If the matter cannot be resolved with the supplier directly, the Ombudsman provides consumers with a free, fair, independent and confidential way to settle their disputes.

Types of complaints settled by the ombudsman include problems with payment, account errors, disconnections, customer service issues and bursts, leaks, blockages and spills.

The ombudsman does not however settle issues related to the fixing of gas and electricity prices, although he can assist in matters related to the recent Queensland legislation changes regarding early termination fees.

"Many people contact the Energy and Water Ombudsman Queensland for assistance with high electricity bills, disconnections and assistance in paying bills," said Energy and Water ombudsman Forbes Smith in a press release issued July 13.

"If customers are charged an early termination fee I encourage them to contact my office so we can help solve the issue."

Posted by Charlie Moore