New budget brings public sector job cuts, electricity rebates

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The latest NSW budget will have created a few anxious households, with the announcement that 10,000 public sector jobs are to be cut over the next four years.

Treasurer for NSW Mike Baird handed down the budget yesterday (June 12), and highlighted the importance of returning to surplus

"We need to set a clear direction. We cannot afford to stand still," said the minister in his opening address.

"Failing to act now will jeopardise the future prospects of this state. This government will not let that happen."

There's positive news as well though, with $83 million being set aside for a new Family Energy Rebate, to go alongside the $180 million allocated to the Low Income Household Rebate which was introduced in July last year.

The minister also claimed that reforms to the state-owned electricity distribution networks will bring down electricity prices and ease the burden on households.

Other announcements included more funding for law enforcement, to finance the recruitment of 400 additional police officers, and a 5.4 per cent increase in health funding.

Opposition leader John Robertson was scathing in his review of the budget, rating it a lowly two out of ten and claiming it was built on deception and lies.

"Tonight, 15,000 families will be wondering if one of their members is going to lose their job," said Robertson.

Posted by Charlie Moore