New app to help solar installers

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Technology is constantly advancing and influences everything we do, across all industries. Mobile technology is one strand of this development, as it is one of the most accessible and widely used devices.

Mobile technology has now even spread to influence the solar power sector. As more households turn to solar power to avoid high electricity prices, the installation industry has had to adapt to serve at a higher capacity.

In light of this, on September 11, the Clean Energy Council (CEC) announced that it released a new app for iPhones. The Solar Checklist App will help solar installers and businesses keep track of their jobs, reduce time spent on administration tasks and perform high quality installations.

More specifically, it provides a platform where they can keep the details of all of their installation work. It can also give workers relevant prompts and information, such as the essential technical requirements that must be met when installing grid-connected solar PV systems. It will also help installers to undertake the required electrical tests.

"The Clean Energy Council's Solar Checklist app includes detailed information for each step of a solar installation and is a way of recording and verifying that every job has been installed to the highest standards. It incorporates a barcode scanner, up-to-date technical help, and a way of linking photos as well," said Kate Allsopp, CEC accreditation manager.

With solar installation being a relatively new profession, it has become apparent in recent years that there has been room for the industry to make improvements.  Ms Allsopp stated that using this kind of mobile app technology is one way of making the process of solar installation more straightforward while raising industry standards.

"The Solar Checklist app will be updated as standards change and, along with the Clean Energy Council’s continuous professional development program, will be a useful way to stay up-to-date," said Ms Allsop.

So far, the app has  received positive feedback.

The CEC has also released a number of training videos for solar installers, such as a tutorial called 'testing an installation', once again with the aim of raising industry standards and fostering greater knowledge.

Tech specs

The Solar Checklist app can be downloaded by CEC-accredited solar installers from the iTunes store. It has been designed as optimised for the iPhone but will work on other devices, including the iPad.

- Generates PDF and email reports
- Takes photos of every installation
- Links with the CEC Solar Accreditation website
- Complies with CEC guidelines
- Includes PV module and inverter barcode scanner
- Allows system configuration of up to three inverters

If you're not an iPhone user, not to worry! Currently, a version of the app for Android is under development.

Posted by Charlie Moore