New 4G iPad mini available in stores

The iPad mini with 4G capability has hit Australian stores - the non-telecommunication Wi-Fi models have been available since October.

The models are available as 16, 32 and 64 gigabytes with prices at $509, $619 and $729 respectively.

Given the fact that they are available on a cellular plan, they are available through Australian telecommunication services.

Telstra is offering the mini on a range of contracts - depending on the data allowance and memory size - on a 24 month plan with no upfront fees.

For example, the 32 gigabyte mini is available on a $66 per month plan with no money paid on purchase and allows 8 GB of data.

Optus is offering a 16 gigabyte mini for 12 months for $62.05 per month and $41 over two years.

The company today also began offering the 4G capable Nokia Lumia, which is a Windows 8 phone on a $50 per month plan with no upfront fees.

An HTC phone is available for $35 per month and also comes with the newest version of Windows.

Talk to a comparison and switching service if you are unhappy with your phone carrier and what to find the best mobile plan. There may be a better deal available if you simply ask them to see if one is out there.

Posted by Eve Gillespie