NBN rollout continues as Telstra announces prices

With the National Broadband Network rollout continuing, you may like to start considering comparing phone plans.

Now available as a fibre and wireless service in eight centres around the country - and with work underway in many more besides - the plan for the NBN's instalment in 93 per cent of Australia by December this year is well and truly underway.

As phone companies begin to negotiate deals with the government for wholesale contracts there may be an effect on both mobile and landline accounts regarding services and pricing.

Telstra has been the first to reveal its home phone bundles, based on 24-month contracts.

The plans are currently available to households in the initial release areas of Armidale, Kiama Downs, Townsville, Brunswick and Willunga.

Telstra's chief customer officer Gordon Ballantyne asserted: "Five thousand Telstra technicians nationally are poised to connect customers to the new service, and local technicians say they won't leave customers until their devices are up and running."

The new packages are now available and prices range from $80 per month with five gigabytes of data to $150 for 500GB. Plans also include free minutes to landline and mobile numbers.

Posted by Eve Gillespie