National Electricity Forecasting Report shows energy use decreasing

The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) released new statistics today (June 29) indicating a change in the way Australians are using power.

The 2012 National Electricity Forecasting Report is an annual document which aims to forecast electricity demand.

The most interesting prediction is that annual energy usage for 2011-12 across the National Electricity Market will be 2.4 per cent lower than over the 2010-11 period.

According to the AEMO, that statistic has been brought on by a combination of changes in the economic outlook, reduced manufacturing consumption as a result of the high Australian dollar, significant uptake of rooftop solar PV systems and a consumer response to increases in electricity prices.

"We have not seen electricity use drop this much since the National Electricity Market commenced,” said AEMO managing director and chief executive officer Matt Zema.

"Consumers have responded to price increases and taken advantage of government feed-in tariffs by installing rooftop PV systems and adopting energy efficiency measures, and that has reduced the amount of energy supplied by the electricity grid."

While solar power can be an excellent way of offsetting your energy bills, significant savings can also be made by switching to a more affordable electricity supplier.

The AEMO suggests that these statistics could have significant implications for the Australian energy industry, by allowing for a reduction in significant large-scale generation infrastructure investment.

Posted by Charlie Moore