NABERS, BASIX and GEMS defined

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There are a lot of acronyms to learn when looking at how to make your house more energy efficient to reduce your electricity prices.

If you've ever wondered what NABERS, BASIX and GEMS stand for, and what they do, then look no further.


NABERS stands for the National Australian Built Environment Rating System and it is used to measure the environmental performance of buildings, tenancies as well as residential homes.

The system measures energy efficiency, waste management and water usage to see how it affects the environment.

It considers utility bills and rates then by a star scale from one to six, with six being the top rating to aim for.

NABERS is managed by the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage for the Commonwealth, territory and state governments and has been in operation for the last ten years.

Home owners can go on the website to see how their house compares to other homes in terms of energy usage.

This calculation is based on 12 months worth of bills and household information such as the number of people in the household and your postcode.

The website also has a tool that can be used to show you where you are using power in your home and how you can reduce excess energy consumption.


Basix stands for the Building Sustainability Index and aims to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced in Australia.

One way to decrease the country's carbon footprint is to reduce energy consumption in the nation's homes. Savings will also be passed onto consumers through a reduction in electricity and gas prices.

The index has set targets to reduce energy consumption based on benchmarks set by New South Wales averages.

The target set for greenhouse gases is a 40 per cent reduction, which is equivalent to around 3.292 kg of carbon dioxide (co2) per person over the course of a year.

To meet these targets, every dwelling will need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 per cent.

BASIX can be measured on the online assessment tool and applies to all dwelling types.


GEMS stands for greenhouse and energy minimum standards and there is legislation that has created a national framework to monitor appliance and equipment efficiency.

The GEMS regulator in Australia is responsible for registering and reviewing products for Minimum Energy Performance standards (MEPS) and energy ratings.

This helps homeowners purchase goods that will help them lower their electricity prices as they can see which goods have higher efficiency ratings.

Posted by Matthew Cole.