Moving house is a great time to switch

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For many people, moving to a new home represents a fresh start.

The process of moving, of course, can be a complex one - there are so many things to think about! But it is also a great opportunity to set things up in the right way from the very beginning.

From ensuring you have the best possible deal on electricity prices to setting up your cable TV, broadband and other services, a move is a brilliant chance to comparison shop and ensure you are not paying above the odds.

Examine your options

Once you know where you are moving and when, it's time to start comparing local electricity prices. Find out if your current provider will offer you a great rate when you change addresses or if you might be better off switching to a different electricity company.

If you want to explore your choices with a single phone call, it's well worth getting in touch with Make It Cheaper - our consultants can carry out a quick search in your local area to help you evaluate the best prices.

Plan ahead

You obviously don't want to be paying for electricity or other services that you aren't using - and you don't want to be waiting around too long for things like your internet service to be set up.

Set yourself a reminder - a couple of weeks before you move, contact your electricity company, broadband provider and any other services you may have to start the process of switching over.

You will of course also want to change over your contact information for your mobile phone plan and you may even wish to set up mail forwarding so that you don't miss a thing.

Don't stop comparing

Securing a great rate before you move is just part of an ongoing process - it is also important to keep checking from time to time to ensure you are still getting the best possible deal.

Switching is easier than you may think - and often, all it takes is a quick phone call!

The consultants at Make It Cheaper can help you confirm whether you are still on a good rate - and if not, we can help you through the quick and simple process of switching to a more competitive provider. Simply give our team a call for a comparison of the best electricity prices in your area.