Moving house a good time to switch energy providers

Most consumers decide to switch electricity and gas providers after receiving a couple of unsatisfactory bills in a row.

However, a common opportunity often presents itself when people decide to move.

Moving is often a time of fresh starts and new beginnings, a period for individuals and families to enjoy setting up a new home in a different location.

A change in address means that you may find different utilities companies servicing the region.

Interstate movers will definitely see new options for electricity, telecommunications and gas suppliers arise.

It is important to assess the available options as there is the possibility of different rates for essential services.

Other than rate prices, packages deals differ between providers, including bundles for electricity and gas.

Renters typically choose to go with whoever is already attached to the property they move into and most don't assess their options.

The same can be said for business owners who move their offices to a new area.

Even if you're moving to another house in the same neighbourhood, it may be an opportune time to compare suppliers.

A simple price comparison can save you hundreds of dollars per year and only takes minutes.