Most social media users ask for help

Smartphone owners looking to find the best mobile plan may need to afford their web browsing needs a higher priority, according to a new study.

While minutes pricing, multimedia accessibility and messaging services are important concerns when assessing a new phone plan's applicability, research undertaken on behalf of amaysim suggests that social media capability may also gain in importance, as it is likely to be used as a tool for getting all kinds of advice.

An Australian Associated Press statement announced the results of the study, showing that many Australian users of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter are happy to talk about medical, relationship and parenting problems in order to get suggestions and recommendations from their friends and colleagues.

"Aussies have always enjoyed a chin wag over the back fence," Ged Mansour, social media manager for amaysim, said in a statement.

"Social media has kicked over that fence and invited the neighbours in, along with the neighbour's friends and their friends' friends."

The study found that one in ten Australians were happy to talk about their medical symptoms on social networks, 41 per cent sought assistance in finding a good restaurant and 32 per cent were out to hook a good holiday destination.

Posted by Eve Gillespie