More solar for Victorian businesses

Businesses in Australia are finally starting to flock to solar power, much like residents of Australia have been doing for some time, installing rooftop solar panels to avoid the struggles of high electricity prices.

What is the latest news for solar power and businesses?

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) announced on September 19 that they are joining forces with the Victorian Employers' Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VECCI) to further display to Australian businesses how solar power can help them to make savings.

"Understanding complex business solutions such as installing solar energy can be difficult for many businesses. VECCI sees the partnership with the CEC in this space as a natural fit - the CEC understands the technical aspects of solar, whilst we bring an understanding of what’s important to business," said VECCI Chief Executive Mark Stone.

David Green, chief executive of the CEC, said that installing solar power systems can be a great asset for a company. This is primarily because it reduces their need to use power from the grid, and that means reduced electricity bills, helping to improve a company's bottom line.

"Until now, businesses have been slower than households to install solar power systems. But we're hoping to change that with our new Guide to installing solar PV for business and industry - launched today at an industry event hosted by VECCI."

The new guide for business will outline why they should seriously consider installing solar panels. It will also explain what the process is for design and installation, and provide information regarding finance, incentives and the regulatory environment.

It also retains a realistic stance, outlining some of the challenges and barriers to solar adoption. However it offers solutions and in turn, how solar power can help your business financially.

Overall, solar power is becoming an increasingly viable option for many businesses. This is especially considering the way that electricity prices have been rising in recent years, while the cost of solar photovoltaic systems has reduced, becoming extremely affordable.

The upfront cost of a solar panel system can seem large, however it is most often paid back within five to ten years and is the perfect way to protect your business against any future energy price hikes. Not to mention, a business will be doing its part to lower harmful carbon emissions.

Posted by Charlie Moore