More power options necessary for consumers, says industry group

For residents of New South Wales, rising electricity prices may be a concern - especially when trying to balance a household budget or the cost of running a business.

The impact of the carbon tax, as well as network - also known as the 'poles and wires' - costs are contributing to increased power charges for individuals and businesses.

However, the Energy Supply Association Of Australia (ESAA) has suggested that there may be a way of tackling these increases and paving the way for a more cost-effective future.

ESAA chief executive Matthew Warren said that better management of energy network peaks and the provision of increased usage options for consumers are needed if more affordable and sustainable energy is the aim.

"While many households in NSW are doing the smart thing and being more careful about using electricity, in total we're actually all using more power at peak times on a few very hot or cold days each year.

"To make sure there's enough power to meet demand at these times, billions of dollars is spent on power infrastructure that's rarely used. That's not economical and it is pushing up retail prices."

Mr Warren asserted that ongoing reform of the energy industry in NSW would ultimately benefit consumers and provide more affordable electricity.

Posted by Charlie Moore