More infrastructure for remote communities

Electricity prices remain high across Australia, but remote communities in the Northern Territory are set to benefit from improved infrastructure and perhaps a small respite from harsh conditions.

The aim of the improvements is to deliver change, real jobs and opportunities for those living in remote, bush areas.

"Having lived in a remote community I know how tough it can be and the major issues faced every day," said Minister for Community Services Bess Price.

"That's why I’m proud we are investing more than $71 million for the delivery of electricity, water and sewerage services to 72 remote Indigenous communities and 66 homelands."

These measures will create around 137 full time jobs, providing a boost to employment in remote NT communities.

One project will see the Hermannsburg connected to the Alice Springs electricity network, while another will see improved water quality for Hermannsburg and Milingimbi.

A new gas power station will be developed at Wadeye and a significant amount of funding will go towards removing asbestos material from community buildings in the area.

At Ilpeye Ilpeye there will be a town camp subdivision and funding for municipal and essential services and housing maintenance.

"It’s so important to keep focusing on the bush and providing these vital infrastructure needs," said Minister for Infrastructure Peter Styles.

Posted by Charlie Moore