More houses adopting cost saving practices

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A study by the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute (AHURI) has found that households are becoming increasingly active in implementing cost saving initiatives in the home.

The survey involved 1,194 participants across Melbourne and Brisbane and found that most had adopted fluorescent lighting and household appliances with higher energy efficiency ratings in an effort to reduce the impact of electricity prices on their budget.

AHURI researcher Kelly Fielding says: "Respondents expressed overwhelmingly positive attitudes to water and energy conservation and waste minimisation."

It's clear that many Australians have decided to take household expenses into their own hands.

Fielding says: "Survey respondents reported that a range of water and energy conservation practices had become a habit and reported a high level of commitment to engaging in these practices in the future."

41 per cent of households in Brisbane claimed that they had managed to cut energy usage in the home since 2008.

Other patterns that were documented included a greater tendency for homeowners to implement such measures compared to renters, as well as increases in environmentally-conscious motivation amongst consumers.