More electricity suppliers, more consumer options

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For consumers deciding between different electricity suppliers, it is often the case that when there are more choices available, the process of making a decision is easier and more comprehensive.

With increased competition comes the need for energy retailers to make their deals better and the individual elements they offer - like bundling and rebates - more attractive to prospective customers.

This is a situation that the government of Tasmania is reflecting in the electricity retail industry reforms announced yesterday (May 15), which will come into play over the next two years.

A number of changes will be introduced under the plan, including the sale of Aurora Energy's customer base and the move to commence full retail competition (FRC) in the state.

Cameron O'Reilly, chief executive of the Energy Retailers Association Of Australia (ERAA), explained that the initiation of FRC would mean better choices for consumers, as it invites more retailers into the market and therefore a more competitive atmosphere.

"It will allow for a more dynamic, service-focused energy retail sector which will offer more energy market contracts to households.

"When given choice, Australians tend to embrace the right to switch energy companies," he added.

Posted by Charlie Moore