Money saving lifestyle tips

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Sometimes it can feel impossible to save money when there are temptations around every corner.

Delicious meals out, new clothes, overseas holidays - who would want to miss out on these delights of life?

However sometimes it pays to be sensible and with unpredictable electricity prices you need to know that you have enough money to get by.

Here are some simple ways you can trade in some of your favourite indulgences for ones that are a little less cost-intensive.

Swap your shops

So you love shopping - we don't blame you! But if you're a regular customer of the most expensive designer shops, then it might be time to trade this habit in for shops that are more affordable.

You can find plenty of stylish and fashionable choices from mid-range stores and you won't be living beyond your means.

Trade in that holiday

It's everybody's dream to be able to fly away to Paris or Portugal for a holiday, but such vacations are extremely expensive.

Why not explore an area of Australia you haven't seen first? This can be exciting and rewarding and you will save a huge amount.

Dining in

If you're eating at expensive restaurants regularly, it might be time to learn how to cook, or find some more reasonably priced establishments.

Leave fancy and costly restaurants for special occasions and treats - not a regular occurrence.

Posted by Matthew Cole