Mobile phones 'transforming Valentine's Day'

Mobile users compare phone plans for a variety of reasons, but a new study suggests they could be doing so to get their love lives in order.

Telstra found that half of Australians between the ages of 18 and 34 believe it is acceptable to ask someone on a date through a social networking site.

One-third admitted to playing hard to get to make themselves appear uninterested, while one in five will not add someone else until they make the first move.

Telstra consumer marketing director Maryanne Tsiatsias noted that people's reliance on smartphones means they now have easy access to social networking websites.

"Nearly one-third of younger Australians say they'll change their Facebook relationship status after just three dates, and they're just as quick when the flame fizzles out with one in five almost instantly updating their status to single," she continued.

Women revealed they are likely to dismiss a potential love interest because they took too long to reply to a Facebook message, with 43 per cent citing this as a major turn-off.

Another Telstra study recently showed that online marketing is growing among small and medium-sized businesses, with 93 per cent owning a website.

Posted by Eve Gillespie