Mobile apps growing in popularity

The best mobile plan could now be one that combines multimedia and application technology as well as call and text message deals.

As a country that is generally keen to move with the times and embrace new technology, Australia has certainly jumped on the mobile phone apps bandwagon - according to a News Unlimited report (May 16), downloads of applications are now into the billions.

The report also highlighted the fact that apps made specifically for businesses are growing in popularity and in some cases exceeding demand.

Josh Guest, managing director of Australian app developer b2cloud told the news outlet: "More than half of all Australians now have a smartphone and businesses are realising it is a way to connect with those people - they are literally in their customers' pockets."

But while apps can enhance the mobile and smartphone experience, there can be pitfalls to do with ongoing and hidden costs.

Free apps are great for those who prefer to keep a cap on their mobile spending and many tried and true charge-less games and user tools are on the market.

For those considering downloading apps that come with a cost, remember to read the fine print - there could be fees related to downloading and using the tool that are not specified in the colourful and attractive banner that drew your attention!

Posted by Eve Gillespie