Minister discusses CEDA energy report

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The Committee for Economic Development of Australia's (CEDA) final report on the nation's energy needs and usage has been released by federal energy minister Martin Ferguson.

Mr Ferguson spoke to a crowd in Sydney about how the government, in conjunction with groups like the CEDA, would address the future energy needs of Australia and tackle rising electricity prices

One of the recommendations within the CEDA package was increasing competition to ensure a greater reliability of energy supply, which will drive prices down.

The energy minister reiterated what he mentioned within his white paper, suggesting that clean technology is included in Australia's future.

He said the CEDA recommendations are following in the government's footsteps on that front, with clean energy and renewable resources being an integral part of the nation's energy future.

Where CEDA and the government differ is on nuclear energy, as the former organisation is in support of the technology while the latter institution feels that it is not within Australia's needs to go down that path. 

Mr Ferguson said community support has not been there for nuclear, as well as the fact that currently Australia has enough fuels of a renewable and nonrenewable nature as it is.

Posted by Charlie Moore