Minister claims federal gov't failed to take advice

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The federal government has failed to properly listen to the advice given by Frontier Economics (FE) regarding smart meters.

That's the claim coming from Queensland energy minister Mark McArdle, who said that the consultation from FE did bring up the fact that smart meters may be more costly than beneficial.

Smart meters are a system by which a bill payer can examine the period of greatest energy consumption and change their patterns so they don't consume as much during periods of higher electricity prices.

He queried: "It begs the question whether the AEMC (Australian Energy Market Commission) restricted the scope of the advice from Frontier, which may have raised important questions about the cost-benefits of smart meters.

"The cost of smart meters is an important part of the debate about the prime minister's reforms. She cannot spruik to the media the potential benefits without identifying the costs."

He went on to say that this approach by the prime minister is reminiscent of a door-to-door salesperson rather than the leader of the nation.

The minister mentioned that because the federal government had failed to release any costing, he had to consult with his own state department to obtain an analysis of the rollout.

victoria is the only state thus far to have a mandatory rollout but has been met with controversy. It was estimated to cost $800 million but has so far cost $2.3 billion.

Posted by Charlie Moore