Minister challenges PM over savings to energy bills

Consumers could save more than $250 a year on their power bill if prime minister Julia Gillard allowed all cost drivers to be examined and the results made public.

That's the claim of Queensland energy minister Mark McArdle, who says that by providing transparent data on the monetary effects of the carbon tax and green schemes - the public could then have a true idea of the costs of Ms Gillard's "pet projects".

Of her $250-a-year savings, the minister commented: "This should prove to the public that the prime minister is not serious about real reform.

"This plan has so little detail it was not even written on the back of a restaurant napkin - how can informed decisions be made on this basis?"

He added that the Newman government has implemented plans to cut electricity prices and other utilities and welcomes proposals from other administrations - but whatever the plan, it must be properly costed and genuine.

By removing the carbon tax and the other green schemes, consumers would instantly save $300.

The minister accused Ms Gillard of simply blaming states rather than solving the problem.

He said that a report for the Queensland government has shown that there could be a $5 billion saving through a more efficient management of poles and wires.

"Unlike the prime minister, the Queensland Government is having these figures carefully examined before claiming it will reduce prices," he concluded.