Melting arctic sea ice confirms need to tackle climate change

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The federal government's carbon tax has attracted much controversy in recent months due its impact on electricity prices and increasing the cost of living across Australia.

However new findings from a team of US scientists have confirmed just how important it is that we take steps against climate change as soon as possible.

Scientists from the University of Colorado at Boulder's National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) released research earlier this week (August 28) which showed that arctic sea ice cover has now melted to its lowest extent in the satellite record.

"By itself it's just a number, and occasionally records are going to get set. But in the context of what's happened in the last several years and throughout the satellite record, it's an indication that the Arctic sea ice cover is fundamentally changing," said NSIDC scientist Walt Meier.

NSIDC director Mark Serreze also commented on the findings, noting that the previous lowest point recorded in 2007 was due to "near perfect summer weather", while weather patterns this year have been mostly unremarkable.

According to the NSIDC, sea ice cover on August 26 2012 was at just 4.10 million square kilometres, 70,000 square kilometres less than the previous record.

Posted by Charlie Moore