Melbourne vs Sydney: Who is the most energy efficient?

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As Melbourne and Sydney each boast a significant proportion of the population, it's no wonder competition is rife to see which city is the most energy efficient.

Energy efficiency means using less energy for the same result, with no change to your comfort levels. It is about using the resources you have or using new technology in a smarter way.

Here is a rundown on what each city is doing to reduce their electricity prices.


The Victorian capital city has been working on its sustainability for the past 15 years with the end goal of carbon neutrality by 2020.

To achieve this aim, the city has set up a variety of local solutions.

Energy Saver Incentive

The Victorian Government has set up an incentive to make it easier and cheaper for households in the state to improve their home's energy performance.

This service combines the rebates from both the state and federal governments and provides many practical services to consumers, such as the replacement of light bulbs and showerheads with more efficient models at no extra cost.

Not only that, the scheme will also help households with a subsidy for draught-proofing their windows and external doors. In addition, it will provide standby power controllers for computer equipment and home entertainment devices.

CitySwitch Green Office Program

Over 50 per cent of a city's total greenhouse gas emissions come from commercial buildings, so the Victorian government has set up a scheme to help office tenants reduce their carbon footprint.

Cityswitch provides sustainability advice to business with free access to case studies, tools for self-auditing and the chance to attend networking events or to host workshops.


The Harbour City also offers plenty of incentives for residents to improve their energy efficiency, so Sydney can be at the top of the sustainably game by 2020.

The Home Power Savings Program

A government scheme was set up with the aim of reducing the power use of around 220,000 households by 20 per cent per year.

This program involves 100 energy experts across the state helping households save power and money through free in-home assessments.

Residents can benefit from learning a few tips and tricks to reduce the amount they pay on their electricity and gas prices.

Plus, these households will be given a free power savings kit full of energy efficient products that will then be installed by the expert.

NSW Energy Efficiency Action Plan

This is another initiative set up by the government with the aim of reducing the cost of living for households and improving business productivity.

New South Wales has a goal to be the city with the lowest cost of living and has set up targets to help them meet their goal.

These include supporting households in the home power scheme savings program. In addition, the city has an annual goal of reducing gigawatt-hours by 16,000 by the year 2020.

Posted by Tim Wolfenden.