McArdle tours QLD about portfolio issues

Queensland energy minister Mark McArdle will be touring the south-east of the state to discuss issues facing local councils.

The minister is planning on visiting several councils between January and March, and will discuss with mayors, issues relating to electricity prices and services in their areas.

Mr McArdle said these visits are important because they will give him a better understanding of what needs to be improved in relation to his portfolio.

He commented: "I am really looking forward to meeting with local mayors and councillors to hear first-hand their ideas and concerns about energy and water supply in their areas."

Minister McArdle explained that a proper, reliable supply of water and electricity is vital to maintain standards and aids in the future development of the state.

He added: "That is why my department is developing 30-year plans for the delivery of these essential services."

The minister urged regional councils to make comments on the Queensland Water Sector Discussion Paper and the Energy Directions Paper as a greater amount of information will aid in scoping out a direction for energy delivery in the state.