McArdle applauds electricity supplier's move to axe door-to-door sales

The Queensland energy minister has welcomed an electricity supplier's announcement to abandon the door-to-door sales approach.

EnergyAustralia announced on Monday (February 25) that as of March, the company will no longer use the sales practice, as it was the source of many customer complaints.

Minister Mark McArdle said it was refreshing to see a company respond to the requests of customers.

He explained: "As I travel around Queensland, and in particular my electorate, one of the complaints I hear most often is the tactics used by door-to-door salespeople who arrive unannounced.

"It has also been a topic raised at regular Consumer and Industry Reference Group meetings."

Mr McArdle highlighted the fact that customers don't like to be pushed into making decisions, and said he hopes other electricity suppliers and gas suppliers take heed of EnergyAustralia's approach.

The company's group executive manager of retail, Adrian Merrick, explained that while it is important customers receive information about their policies, they have to be informed in a palatable fashion.

Although the company has abandoned the door-to-door sales approach, the business will continue to use online practices to communicate their message.

Posted by Charlie Moore