Mark McArdle refuses to sell energy assets

Labor in Queensland must reject the federal government's directive to sell of the state's energy assets - or at least that's the call from energy minister Mark McArdle.

McArdle said in parliament yesterday that seeing as former premier Anna Bligh immediately sold off state owned property as soon as she entered office in 2009, when she said she wouldn't prior to the election, the Labor party has no merit on the subject.

"The Inter-Departmental Committee and Independent Review Panel for Energy are also committed to finding long-term strategies for Queensland’s energy network.

"Through the IDC review process, the Government has committed to taking a deep and thorough look at all cost pressures impacting electricity prices," he said.

A senate committee hearing heard submissions from various federal government departments, which recommended that a sell off occur and that public ownership is failing to provide competition, efficiency and is creating a greater level of pessimism in the marketplace.

McArdle says that the Newman government will only sell off assets if they get the directive from the voting public.

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Posted by Charlie Moore