Mark McArdle in favour of new AEMC draft policies

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Queensland energy and water supply minister Mark McArdle has spoken in favour of a new proposal from the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) which would provide tougher regulations on electricity network costs.

However Mr McArdle was also quick to suggest that the draft rules were long overdue, and that the process of determining network costs should be completely reviewed as opposed to merely altered.

"Most people would rightly question why it took the Gillard Labor government so long to realise massive electricity price increases were hurting struggling families and businesses," Mr McArdle said last week (August 25).

"The Rudd-Gillard Labor government was elected in 2007. During this time household electricity prices in Queensland have increased by about 83 per cent. The federal Labor government signed off on this extra pain for struggling households every year for the last five years."

Mr McArdle did note that the AEMC proposition would allow for more transparency in the energy industry and prevent "gold plating", by which he means the recent trend of overinvestment in infrastructure by operators of electricity networks.

The minister also argued that "green schemes" such as the carbon tax were the main cause of rising electricity prices, and that more transparency from the federal government was needed in this area. 

Posted by Charlie Moore