Mark McArdle calls for proper debate on energy

Mark McArdle, the energy minister in the state of Queensland, has called for a debate into the federal government's Renewable Energy Target (RET) scheme, which he says could be the key to reducing electricity prices.

While some MPs in the government are in favour of an inquiry, he says that Greg Combet, the climate change minister, is stonewalling the issue.

"I applaud the honesty of former cabinet minister Joel Fitzgibbon, who is quoted in newspapers today as wanting the Gillard government to put aside its ideology on renewable energy programs to give households relief from rising electricity prices," he said.

According to research by the Queensland Competition Authority, Queenslanders have to pay an extra $102 on their yearly power bill. Combined with the RET, the Carbon Tax and household solar programs are adding $190 and $54 to a yearly invoice, respectively.

McArdle says that the Gillard government is only focused on poles and wires in terms of reducing costs, and that Labor should be discussing all factors that are driving up power prices,including green schemes.

"A serious examination of the federal government's RET policies is long overdue," he said.

Posted by Charlie Moore