Making your home as eco-friendly as possible

Electricity prices are predicted to rise by 37 per cent by 2014 and as a result it's important to think about ways to reduce your energy consumption in your home or small business.

One such success story when it comes to making sure an operation is as cost effective as possible is a winery owner who took steps to ensure his bills are reduced to their maximum.

Raj Ray told the Sydney Morning Herald that upon acquiring Silos Estate Winery in New South Wales he began refitting the property with solar panels, which ensured, for the most part, that he didn't need to use grid power.

In addition to this, he swapped halogen lights for LED ones - guaranteeing that his consumption was reduced to the greatest extent.

Finally, he installed a 100,000 litre rainwater tank to keep his property as eco-friendly as possible.

Mr Ray told Fairfax that his estate is a far cry from where it was when he took ownership of the property.

He commented: "When we took over this place in 2007, it was really a deeply unsustainable business."

If a major overhaul of your home or business is out of reach, then talk to a comparison and switching service to see if there is a better deal out there for you.

Posted by Charlie Moore