Make your swimming pool costs take a dip

If you are one of the many Aussies who enjoys having a splash in your backyard pool, you are probably aware that your afternoon dip can have a trickle down effect on your electricity bills.

Here are some tips to help you keep your temperature down, as well as your energy bill.

Choose an efficient pump

Since water filtration can use up to 16 per cent of your household energy, and 70 per cent of your swimming pool electricity, it is important to ensure your pump fits your needs.

Opt for the smallest pump possible, but make sure it is still large enough to clean your pool. This should have an effect on your bills as a bigger pump will use more electricity and have higher maintenance costs.

You can also choose to have a 5-star energy-efficient pool pump. Remember, the more stars, the more efficient it will be.

Choose your timing wisely

Setting your pool pump on a timer and making sure it runs at the lowest recommended speed to maintain pool hygiene will also have a difference on your power bills.

Make sure you do not have your pump going 24/7 as you only need to pump the water once or twice a day. If you leave this machine on all day it will produce the same amount of greenhouse gas as a large car over the year, according to the Department of Industry.

Choosing to run your pool during the off-peak tariff period will not reduce the amount you use, but it will make your electricity prices lower as energy is cheaper at certain times of night.

It might be something to check with your electricity suppliers. You could even do an electricity comparison to see if changing to a different supplier could be a better option for you.

Make changes to improve efficiency

Simple changes such as regular maintenance can make a difference to how your pool runs, so ensure you continue to clean out your skimmer and pool pump baskets as well as the pool filter. This will ensure there aren't any clogged pipes preventing the pump from working efficiently.

Do your best to beat evaporation

A well-fitting cover and roller can reduce cooling by around 3 - 4 degrees Celsius and knock heat loss in a heated pool down by 75 per cent according to the Department of Industry.

If you have a heated pool, a transparent bubble cover might be the best bet as it traps heat from the sun and can make your pool up to 7 degrees warmer.

Another simple way to heat your pool is to install solar energy. This is cheaper and more environmentally friendly than using gas or electricity to warm up the water.

Posted by Tim Wolfenden