Make your lighting more energy efficient

There are some areas of the home people tend to focus on when it comes to improving their energy efficiency. It's likely you've thought long and hard about how to choose the most efficient appliances or cut down on water usage, but when was the last time you gave your lighting a second glance?

Lighting is something you'll find in every room of the house, which is why it's so important to make the right choices. Just a few simple changes could make all the difference to your household electricity bills, as the Australian Department of Industry suggests lighting accounts for as much as 15 per cent of the average electricity budget.

Trade out traditional light bulbs

If you're still relying on traditional light bulbs, it's time to swap them for more efficient alternatives.

Lighting technology has come a long way over recent years, meaning you can enjoy the same level of illumination without consuming as much energy. In fact, inefficient bulbs - otherwise known as incandescent models - are being phased out across Australia.

There are various alternatives open to you, ranging from LEDs to fluorescent lights, so you shouldn't find any shortage of other options.

Switch it off

How many times have you returned to an empty room only to find the light has been left switched on? This can lead to significant waste over time, so changes in your behaviour could be just what you need.

Make sure everyone in your household is on board, otherwise your efforts might not be as effective as you'd hoped. If necessary, put signs up that can be seen as you leave the room to act as a reminder.

Go solar

Solar lighting is another option you might not have considered, especially in your garden. It's available in a variety of styles and colours, so it's very likely you'll find something that is up to the job.

The best part is that because it isn't mains connected, you don't have to worry about your solar lights running up your bills.

Use lamps instead

Rather than switching on the main ceiling light, think about using smaller lamps instead. These will use less energy and will prove just as effective.

Substitute your bulbs and you should find your bills thank you for it, leaving you with some extra cash to spend in other areas.