Lower electricity prices 'a reality for Queenslanders'

Queensland residents are benefiting from lower electricity prices, according to the state's premier.

Campbell Newman said the Liberal National Party (LNP) government has made significant strides towards reducing the cost of living for people over the last 12 months.

He highlighted several initiatives the LNP has introduced to "ease the financial burden on families", such as freezing the residential electricity tariff for a year.

The government revealed more than 1.2 million electricity supplier customers have saved an average of $120 from their bills through the move.

Mr Newman said reducing living costs had been a key commitment for his party during the election drive, adding that he is "proud" to have delivered on promises.

"We understand that people’s budgets are still stretched, so we will continue doing whatever we can to reduce the pressure and look for long term solutions to ease the cost of living," he explained.

The government also halved public transport fare increases implemented by the previous administration and offered a one-off $80 rebate on south-east Queensland household water bills.

Stamp duty concessions under the Principal Place of Residence scheme were also reintroduced, while motor vehicle registration costs has been frozen for three years.

"Now, after 12 months we have a better idea of the real positive impact of these initiatives and how many people have benefited," Mr Newman stated.

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Posted by Charlie Moore