Local energy production could reduce electricity prices, claims City of Sydney submission

A new submission from the City of Sydney has called for the government to cut red tape and allow more local energy production in order to combat rising electricity prices.

If given permission, the City is planning to install a $440 million trigeneration energy system in central Sydney which would be able to supply local public and privately owned buildings with low cost, low carbon electricity.

"Network charges now make up half of average electricity bills in NSW and are expected to rise to 60 per cent by 2014," said City of Sydney chief development officer, energy and climate change Allan Jones in a press release issued August 4.

"Producing electricity locally and more efficiently, as proposed for the City's trigeneration project, would help reduce the impact of these network costs on electricity prices."

Mr Jones went on to argue that opening up the energy market to small-scale electricity suppliers and producers would give local consumers a cheaper and cleaner alternative to coal-fired power.

Currently, coal-fired electricity power stations contribute upwards of 80 per cent of carbon emissions in the City of Sydney local government area.

Posted by Charlie Moore