LNG producer consumer conference discusses gas supply and demand

Households with an interest in gas prices may be intrigued to hear about the outcome of the liquefied natural gas (LNG) producer consumer conference in Tokyo on Wednesday (September 19).

Energy and resources minister Martin Ferguson attended the conference, which marked the first global meeting of its kind - with both LNG producers and consumers meeting to discuss industry matters.

The objective of the seminar was to deliberate the long-term supply and demand projections for the LNG industry and create more transparency in the trading market.
This may be of interest to Australians who are monitoring their gas prices at home, particularly because the cost of gas has the potential to fluctuate depending on supply and demand.

Mr Ferguson said: "We will continue to develop our export capacity and promote open global trade to improve regional energy security."

The minister commented on the development to the LNG industry: "Greater cooperation in the Asia-Pacific market will be particularly important in managing global gas price differential we are currently seeing." 

Keeping track of gas supply developments may serve as a reminder to households to compare gas suppliers to see if you can get a better deal with a different provider.

Posted by Callum Fleming