Live greener and save money

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If you have ever carried out an electricity comparison between suppliers you may know that some organisations can offer different incentives for bill payers, including early payment discounts and energy credits.

But you may not know how much you can reduce your own energy bill - no matter which supplier you choose - by changing a few things around your household.

Suggestions from the government's Living Greener program aim to reduce our reliance on less-sustainable energy sources and encourage people to save money on electricity by using greener options.

While initially it may seem like a costly or complicated step, draught-proofing and correctly insulating your home can reduce the amount of money you spend on heaters and air conditioning - you may reap the benefits for a long time afterward.

Look for white goods and other large appliances with an energy rating - using the star system, you could be able to gauge just how cost effective that fridge or washing machine will be now and in the future.

Consider planting your own vege patch - your fridge will have more space to run better, and you could save more on your grocery bills as well. Plus your health will thank you for it!

Posted by Charlie Moore