Less than two weeks left to secure Queensland Solar Hot Water Rebate

Queenslanders have less than two weeks left to secure a Solar Hot Water Rebate before the offer closes on July 22.

The rebate, which was provided to Queensland residents who made the switch from electric hot water to a more efficient solar hot water system, will be withdrawn as part of the state government's attempt to reduce state debt. 

It is also hoped that, by closing the rebate, the financial impact of the carbon tax on the state will be reduced.

"The government’s decision to end this rebate was to ensure Queenslanders do not pay twice for climate initiatives," energy and water supply minister Mark McArdle said yesterday (July 12).

Alongside an electricity comparison check, switching to a solar hot water system remains an excellent way to reduce the impact of rising electricity prices, so it may still be worth making the switch.

"Switching to a solar system can save households up to 25 per cent on annual energy costs, so households should still consider the ongoing financial benefits," Mr McArdle said last month (June 22).

Queenslanders who purchased a solar hot water system before June 22 have until July 22 to have it installed. They must then submit a completed application form by September 28 in order to secure the rebate.

Posted by Charlie Moore