Keeping energy consumption down over summer

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As an example, Wagga Wagga is today (January 25), experiencing temperatures of 37 degrees and is expected to continue for a number of days.

Australia is a hot country and there are a number of ways to remain cool this summer and even use the heat to your advantage, without hurting your back pocket as a result of rising electricity prices.

Think about using the breeze to cool down the house, use the warm weather to dry your clothes as opposed to a dryer and don't turn your air conditioning to full arctic tundra, keep it at an acceptable 23 degrees.

Make It Cheaper chief executive Tim Wolfenden said that summer doesn't mean bills have to rise.

He explained: "There are many very simple household practices families can put in place to save on their bills during the heatwave, while preventing many largely unnecessary uses of electricity around the home such as leaving fans or air-conditioning on for too long or when people aren’t even in the room."

Mr Wolfenden added that daylight saving is a good opportunity to make the best use of time.

For example watering gardens in the early evening is a way to give the plants a chance of soaking up all the moisture.

Posted by Charlie Moore