Keeping cool without paying big bills

Temperatures across many parts of the country are expected to soar over the coming week with Brisbane not seeing any day below 30 degrees until Thursday (December 6).

Other areas such as Canberra will swelter, while tomorrow (December 1) Sydney's west will reach 40 degrees.

As summer is fast approaching, it's a good time to think about how you're going to remain cool while avoiding paying high electricity prices.

If you're a person who finds it difficult to function in the heat, there are ways you can save and prevent yourself from suffering.

On hot days, turn off all power points that have a number of connections through a power board. It may seem trivial, but battery packs on laptops and multiple leads can produce heat and should you just connect vital equipment around the house, you will feel the difference.

Don't think that opening one door will do the trick, open up all doors and try to create a crossbreeze using windows to maximise your ability to remain cool.

Keep the curtains closed and for a really useful trick - place a wet, cold washcloth on your neck - the cloth will cool your blood, which will be circulated around your body and reduce your overall temperature.

Posted by Charlie Moore