Keeping consumption low while celebrating Australia Day

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In less than a week it will be January 26 - Australia Day - and there are ways you can celebrate the occasion without increasing your energy consumption.

The weather for Sydney on Saturday predicts possible showers and 25 degree temperatures - if your area gets hit by rain and your party becomes an indoor event, there are ways to have a fun afternoon without being susceptible to increasing electricity prices.

Instead of turning on the television and consuming more power, why not play some games with your friends and family? 

Come up with some questions about Australia - such as who the first prime minister was and what year was the country founded - and play a quiz game.

See which of your loved ones know the most about Australia!

If you are hosting a party, you'll likely need more space to put cold drinks, but there are alternatives to firing up that second fridge.

It's predicted to be 25 degrees, so a cooler will do the trick - you'll be able to ensure your friends are well watered while keeping your power usage to a minimum.

Talk to a comparison and switching service if you are unhappy with your power bills, and see if there is a better deal out there for you.

Posted by Charlie Moore