Keeping business costs down over Easter

With many companies shutting down over the upcoming Easter long weekend, it is important that enterprises - big and small - make smart decisions over their energy usage.

If a business is being put on hold for the next four days, it is important a range of measures are taken to prevent being susceptible to rising electricity prices.

Management should instruct their employees to shut down their computers at the end of the day, it is a senseless waste of power with 20 terminals left on if no one is using them.

In addition to computers, lights should be turned off to prevent the meter continuously whirring while everyone is enjoying time with their families.

If lights are being used as a security mechanism, it might be worth investing in motion sensors so that power is only being used when necessary.

Air conditioning is an important part of any business, as comfortable workers make for productive workers. There is no need to have the fans going during the long weekend - but perhaps it might prove worthwhile in investigating how your company can benefit from solar installations.

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Posted by Matthew Cole