Is your electricity supplier helping you save?

No-one knows more about how to save on electricity prices more than your energy company.

After all, it is their job to distribute electricity to your home and charge you accordingly.

But many consumers often wonder if the energy supplier they have chosen has their best interests in mind.

A great way to see how willing a company is to help you reduce the cost of your bill is to check if it provides energy saving tips.

Some companies promote electricity saving measures as they recognise that energy generation, distribution and use all contribute to some kind of impact on the environment.

Others aren't so willing to share valuable advice.

It's easy to check - simply visit the website of your electricity supplier to see if they feature energy saving tips.

If they do, you may take comfort that your provider is willing to assist you in easing the cost of consumption in the home.

Whilst everyone must utilise the service of an energy distributor, there's no law which says that you have to stay with one if they are not meeting your needs.

Should a utilities company provide unsatisfactory service or be unable to guarantee a reliable connection, you may want to think about switching.