Is the carbon tax affecting electricity prices?

Businesses may be interested in news regarding the alleged impact of the carbon tax on electricity prices, according to one company. 

Allied Timber Products managing director Richard Galley asserts that his company is already facing increasing power costs as a result of the implementation of the carbon duty.

Mr Galley invited federal member for Longman Wyatt Roy and opposition deputy leader and shadow minister for foreign affairs and trade Julie Bishop to his saw mill on September 27 to discuss the effect of the carbon tax on his business.

"We have used less electricity and paid more as a result of the carbon tax," Mr Galley said.

He said he is concerned about the rise in electricity costs under the carbon tax.

Mr Galley added that his company currently employs 55 locals and he said the carbon tax could make it harder for him to employ more people in the future.

He stressed that the carbon tax is making it more difficult for Australian companies to compete with their international equivalents.

Ms Bishop said: "The impact of the carbon tax on Allied Timber Products highlights how jobs will be lost due to increasing costs, which will go up as the carbon tax increases year on year."

This could provide a good reminder for businesses to continually assess their electricity prices and in particular note how the carbon tax may have altered their costs.