iOS 6 brings new features to iPhone and iPad

Apple have announced the next version of their iOS operating system for iPhone and iPad users, and fans can look forward to a host of new features intended to make their lives easier. 

A new mapping application will allow you to view street names from multiple angles, while a visual and spoken navigation system and real-time traffic updates mean you'll have no excuse for getting lost.

Voice command system Siri has seen an upgrade, and Facebook has now been integrated with the system to allow users to remain connected to their social network at all times.

The update will have many Australians considering upgrading their mobile phone in order to make full use of these new features.

If you're thinking that an iPhone is out of your price range, think again - they can often be found for a relatively affordable price if you are open to signing onto a long-term contract.

Whether you're making the switch from an Android device, moving up from an earlier iPhone model or finally getting rid of that old brick, it's worthwhile taking the time to select the best mobile plan for your needs.

There are many different contracts and add-ons available, so shop around and consider the various options on offer.

Posted by Eve Gillespie