Investment needed to improve household energy efficiency

More investment is needed in Victoria to help homeowners improve their energy efficiency and perhaps lower the amount they pay electricity suppliers, a report has established.

The study into Sustainability Victoria found that both homes and businesses alike are perhaps not as efficient as they could be - a problem that can be solved through funding.

Minister for environment and climate change Ryan Smith noted that waste recycling is another potential area for improvement in Victoria.

"Diverting organic material from landfills helps reduce methane production - a potent greenhouse gas associated with climate change," he commented.

Mr Smith emphasised that the government will strive to provide funding for a number of initiatives that will "provide targeted investments across a number of priority areas in organics, energy efficiency and resource recovery".

Research from the University of Western Australia recently showed that many properties are not reaching their energy efficiency potential, mainly because they have not been designed in the best way.

The report acknowledged that current building regulations create too many restrictions that make it difficult for homeowners to lower their energy use.

Posted by Charlie Moore