Inflated LPG prices in Brisbane, says RACQ

For Brisbane residents who are finding the balancing act of managing household expenses a challenge, it may be interesting to hear that the price of petrol may have a part to play.

While the prices of gas, electricity and water have roles in the allocation of household bills, other considerations still exert power over how much extra cash your family has to play with in a month.

According to a statement made today (May 15) by the RACQ, the price of LNG in Brisbane should be 10 to 15 cents per litre cheaper than it is now - and the organisation has said that wholesalers are pocketing the profits.

"The wholesalers are swallowing up the savings instead of passing them onto the fuel retailers who, in turn, can then pass them on to motorists," stated RACQ executive manager of advocacy, Lynda Schekoske.

Ms Schekoske said that usually the price of LNG would drop after the summer and bottom-out in August, however Brisbane motorists are still paying excessively high prices.

In fact, the price of LNG in Brisbane was found to be higher than those in Sydney and Adelaide - and in Melbourne the price was 10 cents per litre less than Brisbane's.

Posted by Callum Fleming