Industries urge policy reform on energy

Concerns have been raised that Australia's access to energy sources has been restricted as a result of policies being implemented that are not established due to evidence.

A number of industry bodies, including The Australian Industry Group, the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, the Clean Energy Council and the Energy Supply Association of Australia have all suggested that the broader economy could be at risk if access to reliable, sustainable and affordable sources is limited.

It was explained: "To meet local - and global - demand, government planning policies need to support new energy development.

"This must include support for established low-emission technologies such as natural gas, wind and solar and emerging technologies such as marine, solar thermal and geothermal."

The recent restrictions made by the New South Wales government in relation to natural gas exploration have been cited as an example of little debate and discussion over a $2 billion issue.

Victoria's restrictive laws in relation to wind farms have seen $3 billion lost in economic activity, the industries have explained.

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Posted by Charlie Moore