Increase power efficiency when renovating or building

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Any time is a good time for reviewing your household's energy efficiency in order to reduce the impact of electricity prices and your carbon footprint.

But if you are renovating or building you may be able to make structural and design changes that would otherwise be invasive and time-consuming.

While your house is being opened up and rearranged anyway, why not take the time to check fittings, appliances, power points and building products to make sure that your home is the most energy efficient it can be!

If you are undertaking large-scale renovations, take the opportunity to talk to your builder or designer about uncomfortably warm or cold rooms that may require more heating or cooling - there may be a better floor plan layout that can optimise the temperature of your house.

If your kitchen or laundry is receiving a spruce-up, think about replacing older appliances like dishwashers and washing machines with newer, Energy Star-rated models.

They are certified to be the most efficient available, according to industry standards, maximising water and electricity use as much as possible.

Posted by Charlie Moore