Improving energy efficiency in low income homes

Government aims to help low income households with energy bills 16000646 800468368 0 0 7065109 300

The government's Clean Energy Future package will include two new sub-programs designed to assist low income households.

$130 million in funding has been allocated to the Low Carbon Communities program for the next four years.

This will be split in two initiatives - the first of which is the Energy Affordability Scheme.

This $100 million program has been designed for low income households and will focus on helping homeowners to increase levels of energy efficiency.

It will complement existing community programs aimed at implementing change at the level of everyday consumers.

The remaining $30 million has been pledged to the Household Energy and Financial Sustainability scheme.

While details are still emerging, the Australian Council of Social Service says the scheme "will assist vulnerable low income households to better manage energy consumption and bill payment".

General cost of living is a concern currently facing many Australian families, with electricity prices causing strain on the household budget of many consumers.

It is hoped that these new programs will help educate the population as to how they can reduce energy consumption to levels that impact positively on their total bill.