Improve your sustainability at work

Business owners may be interested in ways that they can improve the sustainability of their workplaces and reduce their electricity prices has a couple of ways to achieve a more eco-friendly office.

1.     Save power by switching off your computer's screen saver because they do not actually save power.

2.    Switch off your computer monitor when you are away from your desk for longer than 15 minutes.

It is a common misconception that turning off the screen will actually affect any of the applications that you have running on your computer at the time.  So why not give you screen a rest while you take one?

3.    Turn off the lights in your office if there is enough daylight to work. Maximising the use of daylight actually increases productivity.

This may provide an incentive for business owners to move desks nearer to windows to take advantage of daylight. 

4 Switch off your computer and monitor each evening when you leave work.

Before you do this, consider checking to see if your computer runs on a network because it may need to be left on for updates in the evenings.

This may vary in different workplaces so it is worth asking your IT team for advice if you are unsure.

Posted by Charlie Moore