How to save money on public transport

Travelling around a major city can often involve public transport and depending on where you go to work - the pricing for a ticket can vary.

If you work quite a distance from your home, where multiple forms of transport are needed, you may want to consider purchasing a multi ticket.

These give you unlimited journeys on all forms of transport for a week, making them perfectly suited for people who require travel on a train and a bus, for example.

Many people like to cycle into work from their homes and get changed at the office. If this is you, think about buying a Travel Ten Card or something similar for your ferry, bus or train route.

It's a little more expensive than a multi, but it won't expire until you use up all ten journeys. You can use the ticket for days when it is raining, if you have an early meeting and don't have the time to ride in or if you simply don't feel like doing the exercise.

If you count up how much it costs for ten individual journeys, it will be much more expensive than ten journeys on something like a Travel Ten card..

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